ABL is the first manufacturing european company in the supply of apple processing equipments.
Not only: the world experience and the continuous investments in research and development make of ABL a leader in projecting and supply fruit processing equipments.

Flexible production lines, innovative technologies and highly personalized solutions characterize the activity of ABL in the world. The process evolution is a constant in ABL: better performances, safety for the operators, process automation and reduction of the contamination of the end product as well as the safeguard of the qualities of the fruit are a fundamental aspect in any solution proposed to our customers.

Since 1978 year of foundation of your company ABL has been ahead with times, projecting itself on the market thanks to its product reliability and thanks to the custom designed solutions.
From the small handicraft laboratory up to the operational area of over 2000 sqm. ABL disposes of a highly qualified technical staff and of a research and development office which is in continuous activity. Thanks to the seriousness and coherence we learnt how to conquer the trust of the small. The medium and the large industry all over the world.

At ABL we are convinced that the narrow bond of relationship with the peaple is an enormous wealth. Some employee work with us since the beginning. The continuity of this collaboration depends only from one thing: in ABL we worth the value of the people.

And it is on the same type of relationship that we found our cooperation with customers.

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API, Associazione Piccola Industria

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